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Greenshades Year-End Forms Overview

The following pages will give a brief overview of how to use Year-End Forms to handle your year-end form needs. We have split the information into several short articles, each geared at a specific part of the Year-End Forms process. Click on a link below to view an article:

    Article 1: Getting Started with Year-End Forms
    Article 2: Using Year-End Forms
    Article 3: Managing Your Forms
    Article 4: Completing the Year-End Process
    Article 5: Verifying Totals
    Article 6: Managing Employee Access
    Article 7: Employee Notifications
    Article 8: Mailing Forms through Greenshades
    Article 9: Distributing Forms Yourself
    Article 10: E-File State Return
    Article 11: E-File Federal Return
    Article 12: Year-End Forms Reports

    1095-C Year-End Forms Guide

    If you wish, you may download the entire Year-End Forms Administrator Guide by clicking here.

Greenshades Year-End Forms Demonstration Videos

    There are also demonstration videos available. Click on a link below to view a video:
    Video 1: Year-End Forms Process Administrator Guide
    Video 2: Year-End Forms Process Employee Access Setup Guide

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